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I'm Paul Desmond Adams

I'm a self-proclaimed Misfit Entrepreneur...

who has managed to accomplish quite a bit despite tremendous struggles with distraction, disorganization, and procrastination.

The first half of my life was filled with struggles and frustration, as I didn't excel in the corporate environment whether that was at school or work. I barely graduated high school and didn't complete college. 

After surviving 4 years in the very structured environment of the United States Navy, I went to work for a huge corporation in the semi-conductor industry. Again, I survived but didn't flourish.

I ultimately found success...

 when I finally quite corporate job, took a huge pay cut, and became the sidekick on a morning radio show. After years of just getting by at work, I suddenly found myself being applauded for my work and given multiple awards all while entertaining over 1 million listeners every week.

Unfortunately, our show ended when the host moved to another network. I found myself going from thriving as an entertainer to struggling as the Operations Director of the radio station. 

The corporate world again left me feeling like a failure.

Needing an outlet for my creativity, I discovered the world of podcasting and launched my show "Mental Mastery Moment" in 2014.

A couple of years later, still struggling to run the radio station while succeeding tremendously with my podcast, I helped a friend launch a Digital Marketing agency. We blew up and had a huge amount of success, helping multiple clients grow their online businesses to multiple 7 figures.

The money was incredible, but the lifestyle was horrible.

I ended up dealing with massive burnout and fell into a deep depression. I dropped the podcast, quit the agency, and settled in at the radio station.

In February of 2022, for the very first time in my life, I was let go from my job.

While this is never good, I knew it was the very best thing for me and them. The organization treated me incredibly well and I was able to spend the next 6 months resting, healing, and exploring what I would do next. 

Today, I'm living out my soul's purpose and life's passion as a Success Coach for Misfit Entrepreneurs. 

I'm helping people just like me who are ambitious and creative innovators but struggle with their purpose, focus, productivity, and ultimately finishing what they started. 

If my story sounds a little like your story and you'd like to jump on a call to chat, click the button below and schedule a time that's best for you. We spend 45-minutes helping you find your way to your best life ever.

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